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Why We Do Research

BCHC- Why we do research

Listed below, are a series of videos detailing progress being made through research in various services across BCHC


Paediatric Dietetics & Internal Feeding Service

BCHC Dietetic Practitioner, Mohbeen Khatab and Sue Meredith, Clinical Lead for Paediatric Dietetics and Internal Feeding explain the difficulties faced by staff trying to weigh patients in wheelchairs during home visits and how the innovation of new scales overcame these issues. The outcome of this project will have a national reach, improving patient services and quality of care.

MSK Physiotherapy

Duncan Kingham, head of MSK Physiotherapy Services and Jon Price, the research lead for MSK, discuss why research and evidence-based practice is vital in improving their provision of services. Jon, after a 3-month secondment in R&I has introduced larger studies and research training into the MSK Services. It has allowed staff members of all research backgrounds to become more involved and increase their skillset, giving better patient outcomes.


Functional Electrical Stimulation

FES Service Lead, Christine Singleton, speaks about the very first research activities that she took part in 1994, to improve patient services. Through improved technology, patient and clinician feedback, they have been able to undertake research and publish their results to better patient services. 


Children’s Speech and Language Therapy Service

Charlie Ayling, Speech and Language Therapist and Hazel Allaway, professional Clinical Lead for the Children’s Speech and Language Therapy Department discuss the ways in which their department has used research to facilitate improvement in their services. These include determining whether face to face or over the phone assessments provide more accurate results, amongst other valuable research projects being undertaken in their service. Their participation in research has improved care for patients as well as staff confidence. 


COVID-19 Research at BCHC

BCHC Chief Executive, Richard Kirby, details the challenges of COVID-19 and how teams across the trust were undertaking vital work on the virus to give the best response to patient care and services. Joanna Garstang, Consultant Community Paediatrician and Research Lead for the Children’s and Family Division at BHCH talks about her research changing during COVID to lead the ISARIC study. This allowed for the further scope to run COVID trials in schools across the West Midlands, swapping up to 2,000 children per week to test for COVID, and branching further  still to investigate COVID immunity throughout senior schools. This has provided the trust with skills and confidence to undertake larger studies in the community. Dr Zacc Falope, Divisional Medical Director for the Adults and Specialist Rehabilitation Division speaks of his role as Principal Investigator for an NIHR-funded study, attempting to optimise care and treatment for patients suffering from long COVID. Finally, April Hawkins, Quality Improvement Project Lead at BCHC, details her experience being PI for the SIREN study, which allowed for staff members to conduct and take part in this COVID study.