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Dr Annika Kroeger Research Successes

Dr Annika Kroeger has just got word that she has won the prize for the best scientific poster at the German Society for Periodontology Annual Meeting. Her presentation “Molecular Cartography of Healthy and Diseased Gingival Tissues” showcases innovative spatial transcriptomics technology optimised for gingival tissues under a contract of Prof Moritz Kebschull and Resolve Biosciences. Annika has previously been awarded a competitive RCS/BSP grant for this work.

Further, she has also been awarded the prize for best oral presentation at the same meeting. Her talk “Comparative Multi’-omics’ Analysis of Peri-Implant Disease” gives a novel and comprehensive insight into the pathomechanism underlying the disease. Multiple high throughput sequencing datasets were utilised to gain a deeper understanding of peri-implant disease.

Congratulations Dr Kroeger for all your hard work!