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Action Learning Set

Action Learning Set

The Award:

To Participate in a programme- “Leading Prevention in Clinical Services: Guided Professional Development opportunity”

Health Education England have recruited a group of health care professionals from within clinical settings across the Northwest and Midlands region into an Action Learning Programme that will help build preventative public health practice into clinical services.

The aim of the programme is to support a range of health and care professions, to develop their own population health skills through designing, implementing, testing and evaluating a small-scale health improvement project within their sphere of practice.

Participants will be supported remotely via an Action Learning Set of peers across a region, to utilise the OHID/HEE developed toolkit for Embedding Public Health into Clinical Services to identify ideas and test public health interventions in their own field of practice.


Proposed project:

To identify and improve physical activity levels in patients in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy outpatient department: Prime focus on obesity and health inequalities.

This project aims to use musculoskeletal physiotherapy services to improve physical activity levels in the populations that require it the most e.g., people from minority ethnic backgrounds and/or social deprived areas.



From this action learning set I hope to develop my knowledge and skills further to better contribute to physical activity and health equality strategies at service level.

Alongside improvements in musculoskeletal care and the service provided, I hope this will help reduce other avoidable illnesses. Long-term I want to become a leader within the service, facilitating physiotherapists in providing the right care at the right place and right time.


Saukhyada Patil