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Pioneering research at BCHC is tackling the major healthcare challenges of the 21st Century. The patients we serve benefit from discovery and innovation but also play a vital role in making it happen.

Our aim is to facilitate and promote research and innovation within the trust to benefit services and service users.

Research is how we develop new treatments and knowledge to provide the best care and a healthier community for our patients. Innovation is how we use new ideas or methods to solve problems.

At BCHC we conduct various research and innovation projects yearly to ensure our services are as efficient as possible, providing safe and effective care for our patients. These range from interview studies to full randomised controlled trials in a mixture of divisions and services.

How can R&I help you?

If you have a research idea, an innovative solution to a problem or an interest in R&I, we can help you. We can provide you with career and professional development through training, mentorship and support to achieve your goals. Colleagues in all job roles and pay grades can become involved with research and innovation. Contact us today and look forward to developing transferable skills that will help you deliver best care and healthy communities.

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“Taking part in research has changed my life totally – I wish I’d done it 40 years ago.”

Perry Smythe, Birmingham

As change agents, it is our daily mission to challenge the status quo. Making a clear case for change, backed by data, can help but status quo challenging is far more of an emotional & political process than a logical/rational one. It takes courage but it's more about skill. Ten…

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Charitable funds is a way of providing ‘extras’ not funded as part of core NHS services. These are the things that will bring a smile to patients, enhance their experience or improve their care with us, or it could be a piece of equipment, piece of research or a training course that will improve the care staff can provide