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Frequently Asked Questions

Research FAQs

Yes. Research is part of the NHS Constitution, key BCHC strategies and is evaluated as  part of CQC inspections. R&I can help facilitate discussions with line managers where necessary

Yes. We can help with gaining the necessary regulatory approvals and setting up your project

Yes. All research conducted within the trust needs approval from R&I

Yes. We have academic links who can provide you with the support you need

There are lots of options to get involved such as supporting recruitment and data collection with active studies. Contact us to find out what most suitable for you,

You can complete the below ‘App Request Form” and the R&I team will be in touch with you for further questions.

You can submit your idea through the homepage of the intranet by clicking on “Submit a New Idea or Challenge” link or the below:

There is a “Software & System Application Approval Process” policy being developed that will provide details on how to progress such requests

From the funds available to the R&I team, we can sometimes allocate seed funding towards a research or innovation project being set up or piloted. For further details, please contact us on

Yes, you can start by completing the CiPi modules created by the BCHC team. (The website is not yet live but the link will be provided soon.)

We have members of the team with experience in both quantitative and qualitative data analysis who can help you. If you need more specialist expertise, we can arrange support with external academics.

No. Software should be provided by your academic host. If you require access to specialist software such as SPSS, NVIVO for in Trust related activities please contact