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Inaugural Professorial Lecture by Sarahjane Jones, Professor of Healthcare Safety and Performance:

Patient Safety – There is no Safety Without the Patient Voice

Thursday 30th March
5.30pm for a 6.00pm start
The Gallery, The Catalyst
Leek Road, Stoke on Trent, ST4 2DF

Patient and public involvement and engagement in research is becoming increasingly important.

This is especially true of patient safety research. Poor patient safety prevails when conditions within healthcare systems prevent things running smoothly and care becomes harmful.

Sarahjane’s research has investigated some of these conditions. She has looked at whether nurse staffing levels affect how often both patients and staff come to harm, and the type of harm they experience.

She has done this using data that healthcare workers collect as part of everyday care. When analysing this type of data, the nature of staff/patient relationships is not always apparent and this is where patients have an invaluable contribution to make.

This lecture will walk you through Sarahjane’s research journey and her interactions with patient advisors and other key stakeholders.

This lecture is dedicated to Malcolm Gough, who sadly passed away in July 2022 – a committed and highly respected member of the research team whose translation of our findings into the real world has been instrumental in supporting our work to be impactful.

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Update 03/04/2023: 

The session has been recorded and uploaded to YouTube.

Please click and it will take you to the video HERE.