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R&I Away Day 2022

Event date: 19/05/2022

On 19 May 2022 the Research & Innovation Team held its first annual Away Day at Conference Aston.  In the morning the Core R&I Team members used this opportunity for staff members, new and old, to introduce themselves, provide some background e.g. what they do and who they work for as well as share some personal information.  Without this, we would never have known the R&I Team were such a talented and creative bunch with a singer, a pianist and a few artists and poets?  We were also joined by Professor Dr Doug Simkiss during our detailed introductions, but he was unable to stay for Chris’s NASA problem-solving exercise which unfortunately had to be abandoned due to time constraints.  We plan to complete the exercise at our next event.  We then settled in to discuss and agree on our action plans;

  • How we work
  • Structures
  • Line management
  • Ethos
  • Hybrid working
  • Covid practices at Priestley Wharf

We talked about the things that needed improvement and the support we looked for from outside the R&I team to enable us to fulfil our potential and deliver the best services possible.

Colleagues from clinical divisions and corporate services were invited to join us for lunch after which an afternoon of brainstorming, focussing on R&I’s five objectives commenced.  The objectives are:

  1. Create Research & Innovation Leaders & Improve Knowledge Transfer
  2. Prepare for the future by supporting BCHC Research and Innovation Priority Setting
  3. Make BCHC fit for its purpose to sustain and attract high-quality research and to detain the appropriate innovations
  4. Make BCHC a credible collaborator and competitor in national funding
  5. Develop a secure operational infrastructure for research and innovation

However, We first reminded everyone of R&I achievements to date and our aspirations for the future for both research and innovation, followed by suggestions and ideas from participants in each group.  We discussed how we can support researchers and in turn how corporate services can support the R&I function within the Trust.   The R&I team are pleased with the growing interest at BCHC and encourages staff at all levels to engage with us. A summary of the outcomes will be reflected in a refreshed R&I strategy which will be available soon in the Resource section of the R&I Website here:

R&I Away Day Group Photo