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AHP perceptions of NHS research capability and culture: A national research capacity in context survey

Trial Status: Open

Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) make up one third of the healthcare workforce. They are recognised as an important group in managing current and future healthcare challenges through the development and implementation of new models of healthcare. These new models of care need to be based on high quality research evidence. There is scant evidence, however, about how well equipped AHPs are to lead and deliver this research. We know little about the research skills and knowledge of AHPs, or about how confident or supported they feel to engage in research at different levels within their NHS healthcare teams and organisations. Unlike other clinical groups such as doctors and nurses, Allied Health Professions may feel they lack the necessary skills and support to engage in research activity.

This study will be the first national survey to provide a UK-wide view of the perceptions of AHPS working in the NHS about their own level of research ability, and the research support available to them in their workplace.
The survey will comprise a single on-line questionnaire that will take between 15-20 minutes to complete on an electronic device such as a laptop computer or a mobile phone. Participation will be entirely voluntary and anonymous. Invitations to take part will be widely distributed via AHP professional and research organisations and societies, and via social media channels. The results will be summarised and shared via the same channels and will be disseminated through appropriate professional/ scientific journal publication.

This survey will provide important evidence to inform future strategies to build capacity for AHP research that is needed to support high-value evidence-based healthcare. It will also provide a means of measuring the impact of these strategies in the future.