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Involving parents and staff in learning from child deaths

Trial Status: Open


This study is about how bereaved parents can be involved in learning from child deaths.

Thank you for visiting our study webpage. We hope you find all the information you need. If you would like more information or to talk to someone, our contact details are below.

In the short video below, Jenna Spry (researcher) and Gayle Routledge (parent) will tell you more about the study and how you can get involved. There are also links to written information leaflets below.



  • After any child dies, the doctors, nurses and other staff looking after them have a meeting to discuss what happened to try and learn from deaths to improve care and help families in the future. Information from parents is very important for this meeting, as they knew their child best, and will have been involved in all their treatment and care throughout their life. Parents may also have questions they want answered about their child’s illness, treatment, or death.
  • This study wants to find out about the most helpful and supportive ways of involving parents in learning from child deaths and sharing information with them about the process.
  • We are asking all children’s intensive care units and palliative care services in England to complete a short online questionnaire. This will help us to find out what they are doing to support bereaved parents to involve them in death reviews.
  • We are also aiming to interview:
    • Health care professionals from intensive and palliative care to find out how they involve parents in the child death reviews.
    • Bereaved parents about their experiences of child death reviews. We are also offering the option of joining a group session with other parents. Interviews will be either in person or remote.
  • We will bring all this information to two workshops where parents and professionals will work together to develop a range of materials to support parents’ involvement in child death review. These workshops will be attended by bereaved parents, healthcare professionals and representatives frombereavement support organisations.


For more information please click the links to the information leaflets:

Parent information (links to external site.)

Healthcare Professional information (links to external site.)




To register your interest, please contact the research fellow, Jenna Spry, via email or telephone: 07976 811245.