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Psychological impact of COVID – 19 – pandemic and experience: An international survey.

Trial Status: Open

This study aims to explore the psychological impact of COVID-19 outbreak and the resultant restrictions in terms of behavioural, emotional and social factors. Questions will be asked of the data collected to see what factors may be supportive or more detrimental to wellbeing. The general public including health professionals and those with pre-existing mental health conditions will be invited to complete the survey. This will enable identification of vulnerable groups who may experience more extreme or differing impacts to the rest of the population. Additionally the international aspect of the survey will identify any cultural differences, differences caused by the scale of the outbreaks effect across countries and any differences to government responses and restrictions. The questionnaire will be repeated after six months to allow for the development of the epidemic and measure the impact of restrictions being in place for a longer time period. This survey will greatly enhance our currently limited understanding of how such epidemics impact on the populationsÂ’ wellbeing. The COVID-19 outbreak is an unprecedented event in modern times and as such its impact cannot be guessed and therefore needs to be measured to inform future service provision and also any future similar circumstances.